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What is HardOffers.com?
HardOffers.com negotiate discounts and special offers with the most important porn sites so you will never again pay full price when signing up with them.

How much it cost to use HardOffers.com?
There is no cost to use HardOffers.com, it’s absolutely free and save you money when you signup for any of the porn sites we have deals with.

How does it work?
Just find the adult service you want to signup to and click the buy link. You will be redirected to the site and get the discounted price when you signup.

Do I have to pay HardOffers.com
No. You will pay directly to the site you want to signup to. We just provide you with a special link that will give you the discount. HardOffers.com will never ask you for any payment or personal details.

Why I don’t get the advertised price when I try to signup with the porn site.
More than 99% off our visitors will get the price we negotiate with the porn sites. In some cases, they use different billing services for same countries or payment methods and the price could be different. Also make sure your browser is setup to accept cookies, this is how the porn site knows you are coming from HardOffers.com and give you the exclusive discount.