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VividVirtual.com is a website supported by Vivid Entertainment. Vivid Entertainment is well known in the adult entertainment industry as providing high quality porno videos, celebrity sex tapes, and opportunities for live webcam chat sessions. VividVirtual goes a step further than the traditional porn websites, in that it provides its members with the ability to engage in a viewing experience using 3 dimensional technology and head tracking virtual headsets, allowing you the ability to feel like you are right there in the room.

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Vivid Entertainment has continued to find ways to lead the adult entertainment business. The offering of high quality VR adult content through VividVirtual is unlike any other experience you can get anywhere else. Vivid Entertainment seeks to ensure all consumers of adult content get the most out of their viewing experience. VR is just one of the ways Vivid Entertainment has been able to provide viewers with just that. The use of VividVirtual allows you to watch your favorite porn stars and celebrity sex tapes like you have never seen them before. While we cannot obviously put you in the same room with Kim Kardashian to re-enact your favorite scenes from her celebrity sex tape, we have been able to provide members with the best footage from the Kim Kardashian Superstar as part of the Kim Kardashian Superstar VR Experience. There is no new footage of Kim Kardashian as part of this experience, but you will see her like you have never seen her before in virtual reality.


When using any online service, there is a possibility your privacy could be compromised. Vivid understands the need to protect your privacy. For this reason, we will only send authorized communication to an email address you designate for communication purposes. We also ensure all billing statements and charges are processed as VIVIDADMIN.COM to ensure you an extra level of privacy. Lastly, we understand there are a number of different options for payment which may meet a specific customer’s needs more than another. For this reason, we are happy to process your membership fee using a valid credit card, electronic check, or using paypal. Any financial information your provide Vivid Entertainment with will be kept to the highest confidentiality standard. 


There are a number of different membership options available to fit your own budget. For those wanting to pay monthly, there is a 1 month membership available for $33.97. A 3 month membership offers a 41% savings with a one time payment of $59.97, which auto-renews for your convenience. For an even greater savings, a 6 month membership is available for $74.97, giving members a 63% savings, and it also auto renews at the end of your membership period. Lastly, for the greatest amount of savings, a 1 year membership is available for $119.97, which offers a 71% savings, and like all of our other memberships also auto renews. Give it a try for one month, and you will never be able to view sex tapes the same way ever again.

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