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Vivid-Celebs is a website which offers a membership subscription, which allows members to browse numerous celebrity adult films. It has one of the largest video libraries available, including the most popular celebrity videos, famous porn star videos, and even some fresh faces for you to enjoy. Unlike other websites where you have to browse through dozens of high quality videos. There are more than 30 years of videos for you to browse through. Most of the videos are high definition. With the exception of some of the “old school” videos that were released before high definition videos were available, Vivid star offers the highest quality videos possible for your viewing pleasure. The videos are not poor quality copies of the original like many other sites on the web today.

Vivid Celebs Membership Includes

Over 20 celebrity sex-tapes including the famous Kim Kardashian sex video.

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There are several other things that make this website different from other websites. First of all, the site allows for members to view videos in their entirety, instead of having to watch only short 5 to 10 minute portions before accessing another portion of the clip. Secondly, Vivid star allows members access to multiple adult sites designed to meet a specific niche of adult videos. The result is members are able to find the videos they want easier, and they will in turn have a better experience. Vivid Celeb is also unique from other adult websites in that it allows members to choose between viewing the video online, or deciding to download the video to be viewed later. The videos downloaded are of the same quality as those you stream from the site, ensuring you the same viewing pleasure. There is a limit to the amount of video a person can download in a single day, to prevent piracy of videos. The limit though is well above what a person could watch at one time, so is not really an issue for the majority of users to ever even worry about it.


To be honest, there are not a lot of negative things to say about Vivid-Celeb. Many adult websites are intended to meet a specific niche of viewers. However, this site aims to offer the greatest amount of variety for our members to enjoy. So I guess you could say the large amount of content can be overwhelming at times. The only other real negative is the broadccasts are only available to members, and they are not available for download to prevent piracy, but they can easily be viewed online using video streaming.


If you are ready t o become a member, Vivid superstar offers a number of different subscription options for your individual needs. For those who want to give the website a try before committing to a whole month, there is a 3 day trial subscription available for $4.95. For those who want a month of full access a monthly membership is only $33.97. Three month access is available for a one time payment of $59.97, that is more than a $40 savings. A 6 month membership is $74.97, which saves members over $125, while an annual membership offers over $250 of savings at a cost of $119.97.

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