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Tila-Tequila, was born in Singapore by the name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen. She most commonly is known by her stage name, Tila-Tequila, or Miss Tila. She first gained notoriety on Myspace, where she became known as the most popular person. As part of her growing popularity, she was able to gain additional opportunities, including TV appearance. The most well known of which was her own reality TV series called A Shot at Love with Tila-Tequila and season two which was A Second Shot at Love with Tila-Tequila. On both of these shows, Tila gained a large number of fans who were curious about her search for love as a bi-sexual.

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Tila Tequila Second Sex Tape Review


She has had multiple modeling opportunities, including modeling and been featured in several men’s magazines, including Playboy, Maxim, and Stuff magazines. She also released her first celebrity sex video in conjunction with Vivid Entertainment, which this video is a follow-up appearance to. Fans of Tila, both male and female alike, could not get enough of her hot petite frame in her first video, and were demanding for more of this Asian beauty. Tila’s first sex tape was the very first celebrity sex clip where a celebrity willingly engage in “lesbian sex” but for her, this was just par for the course. She had already “come out” to the rest of the world as being bi-sexual in her social media, and on her reality TV series, so for her this was nothing out of the ordinary. Add to that her willingness to also participate in anal play, and you have a true pron star in the making. For fans of celebrity sex-tapes, this is not the “norm” by any means. As a result, Tila gained some additional recognition for her performance in the first tape, and left people begging for more to come. Her performance in both her tapes clearly shows her versatility and her potential to create more videos in the future. The question is whether or not we will see more of Tila-Tequila, or if we will have to settle for just these two and an old copy of Playboy


There is nothing negative we can say about the content of the video. However, like all of Vivid Entertainment's video, you cannot download them and can only watch them online through streaming. The only other downside is you have to be a member in order to view this video content, but Vivid offers reasonable membership plans to meet your specific needs.


As the title implies, this video has some great footage of her squirting. And we are not talking about just once, but on two different occasions, the camera gets an excellent angle of Tila squirting as she enjoys being pounded. There is also some great footage of Tila being pounded in the ass, and since this video has a lot of footage being shot from the same point of view as her partner, while viewing it you really feel like you are a part of the action. By far, Tila’s performance in this video solidifies her as being the most “porn ready” celebrity sex video ever released by Vivid Entertainment. Add to that her smoking hot figure, her ability to talk dirty during sex, and her skills in the bedroom, and there will be no doubt this video will be one you will want to watch time and time again.

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