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Taylor Chandler became well known as the girlfriend of Michael Phelps, athlete and olympic gold medalist. As the story goes, they had a short lived romance after having met each other using Tinder. The porno is meant to spoof their relationship, hence the name of the video, Going for the Gold. In the words of Taylor, “I am proud of my video, it is a love story and I lived it.” Whether you are a Michael Phelp, Taylor Chandler fan, or a fan of celebrity sex tapes in generally, you will enjoy this video.

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Taylor Chandler Sex Tape Review


While Michael Phelps and Taylor  were dating, Phelps entered into rehab for a period of time. During the time he was in rehab, news broke that his girlfriend was in fact born intersex. In short, this means she was born with both a uterus and a penis. However, she has since had an operation to successfully remove her male genitalia, leaving behind only the vagina. When this was revealed by the media, it quickly became rumor that Phelps and Chandler broke up when he discovered she had been born intersex. However, according to Taylor, they actually broke up because Michael had not remained faithful in their relationship. While Taylor has spent a lot of time being photographed and featured by different media outlets, the release of her sex tape, Going for the Gold, is in fact her debut in the adult entertainment world. However, before the video release was officially announced, she made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show as a guest. While being interviewed, Howard made a mention of her boobs, and she willingly shared them with him to see. She also was very proud to show off her other curves and her vagina for him to see as well. The response, not only by Howard, but also by the audience was impressive to say the least. As a result, Vivid Entertainment decided to speed up production of the video. Clearly, Taylor is not ashamed of her body, and more than ready to be put on display for others to enjoy.


Vivid Entertainment owns the rights to this video, so you will have to have a membership to access the video. You also have to steam this video to watch it instead of downloading it. But these are a small drawback when you consider the benefits of membership with Vivid Entertainment.


While neither Vivid Entertainment, nor Taylor have acknowledged any work in progress for her, she has been known to tell those who have asked that this may in fact be her new found career choice, if the right things fall into place for her. Taylor really enjoyed her experience filming Going for the Gold and even surprised herself with performing self masturbation, which she initially refused to do. So if the idea of getting up close and personal with an intersex woman is up your alley, this video is for you. But keep an eye out for possible works in the future featuring Taylor . While nothing is in the making currently, if any adult entertainment company is able to make it happen a second time around, Vivid Entertainment has the resources to make it happen.

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