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Sydney Leathers became well known because of her “sexting” scandal with Anthony Weiner, that made headlines recently. Sydney  is an Indiana native, who at the time the video was made, was a 23 year old brunette. She claims to have been a lifelong democrat supporter, and has had quite the history with Hillary Clinton’s camp in recent years. If this lovely beauty caught your fancy in the media frenzy, this tape will give you a great insight into who Sydney is and what she might have been texting our nation’s politicians. After the break of the scandal, the potential mayoral candidate had no hope of having won the election.

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Sydney Leathers Sex Tape Review


Sydney Leathers partnered with Vivid.com to put together an adult entertainment video as a spoof of the “Weinergate” scandal. The video starts off with Sydney in a white man’s dress shirt, unbuttoned, a sexy black pair of lace panties on, and a red tie draped around her neck. Her curvy body can be seen poking out of the dress shirt. Her perky breast are there for your viewing pleasure, and you can see her beautiful ass sticking out of the bottom of the shirt. In another scene, Sydney is seen wrapped in an American flag, and posed holding a newspaper with the front page article titled “Weinergate” referencing the scandal between her and the politician. Before joining with Vivid Entertainment, Sydney had worked as a blogger for the Indiana Progressive Liberals. She was also a former field organizer for President Obama’s re-election campaign. Sydney has continued to be a supporter of the democratic party, and would like to work in future election campaigns, but her reputation have proceed her, making it more difficult to do so in the future. When asked about possibly making a porno and her feelings about it, her response was to joke about it saying, “People already think I have, so why not!” In her celebrity sex clip, Sydney makes it well known she views the whole situation as something that can now be laughed about in her life, and makes several political jokes, and jokes about the Weinergate scandal.


This tape requires access to a Vivid Celebs membership in order to be able to view, and is only available for streaming. However, the video is well worth the cost, and the membership comes with access to tons of more material for you to view.


The Sydney's tape is not your traditional celebrity sex-tape. It is not like Kim Kardashian who had a home video “leaked” to the public and became even more well known for it. Or like Chyna, who was a pro-wrestler and adult model who decided to then shoot a porno for her fans to enjoy. Instead, Sydney’s tape is more like a photo shoot and interview session where she openly discusses her involvement with Weiner and what occurred between them leading up to the media frenzy and the exposure of their relationship. If you are interested in seeing what Anthony Weiner saw in this young brunette beauty, this celebrity tape is right up your alley. It not only has some great film footage of Sydney, but also is very informative and provides you with a first hand account of their relationship.

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