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Shauna Sand is probably most well known for being Playboy Playmate of the Month in May 1996. As a Playmate, she is obviously not a stranger to the adult entertainment industry. She shortly after married television star Lorenzo Lamas that same year. As part of their six year marriage together, they had three daughters together. The Shauna Sand sex tape was not filmed with Lorenzo, but instead with Shauna’s very handsome French boyfriend in Miami in 2009. This celebrity sex clip is shorter than many other tapes released by Vivid Entertainment. It is only about 70 minutes long, and has three different scenes to the tape. If you go to watch this video and seem confused at the start of it, because Shauna is not speaking English, do not worry, you don’t have to change your language settings on your player. Shauna is very well educated, and is bilingual. She is fluent in French and studied at the American University in Paris, where she completed her degree in International Business Administration.

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Shauna Sand Sex Tape Review


In the first scene, Shauna puts on some crotchless panties for her boyfriend to inspect. In the scene he quickly begins to explore them and fingers her from behind. He obviously enjoys a little ass play at the same time, as he tries to slide a finger in her ass whenever possible. The couple is also seen enjoying each other in missionary and with Shauna on top. The last portion of the scene, her boyfriend needs to take a little break, and continues to pleasure Shauna with a toy before the scene ends. When the video jumps to the next scene, Shauna is laying on a leather couch. Her boyfriend is pounding her again, and Shauna is looking to really enjoy it. Her eyes are wide eyed as he is going to town. This scene gives the video a feeling of the entire tape having been recorded for their own enjoyment and not professionally done for distribution. If you prefer a celebrity sex-tape that is more natural feeling and not as staged as some, then this tape is perfect for you. The third and final scene of this celebrity sex video shows Shauna pouring melted ice all over herself. She then continues on to put ice on her lover’s dick before proceeding to give him oral. She clearly knows exactly what it is that she is doing, and he is obviously enjoying it. The grand finale of the video is when her boyfriend cums on her face for “the money shot” to the video.


A membership is required in order to be able to view this Vivid Entertainment exclusive. In addition, the video is only able to be streamed, so sorry, but no downloads are available at this time.


Overall this video is very well done, and has a much more realistic feel to it than other videos where the scenes are clearly scripted. The interaction between the couple is genuine, and they are clearly enjoying one another. At times, it is like the camera is not even there and they are just living out their life together as it comes. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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