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Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape Discount

Myla Sinanaj was the girl who dated Kris Humphries right after he and Kim Kardashian broke up. She has several similarities to Kim Kardashian, which might be what grabbed Kris’s attention in the first place. Although her long dark hair, tan complexion, and dark eyes give a faint resemblance to Kim, she is a very curvier girl, and fuller figured. She is still very beautiful, and you can see for yourself why Kris chose to numb his pain in a relationship with Myla after the very public breakup between him and Kim.

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Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape Review


In some sense, Myla already had a short term relationship with Kim’s ex, and she resembles her in some aspects, but is she really the next Kim. According to an interview with Myla, she sure thinks she has what it takes to become a success after a sex video is released just like Kim Kardashian. She was quoted as telling TMZ, “"I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she's sexy and I look a lot like her so why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?" So there is no better way to make a tape and get the most notoriety than by joining with Vivid Entertainment, an industry leader in the adult video world. In her sex clip, Myla stars with Karlo Karrera. And for someone who claimed not to really like Kim, she sure does try to imitate her in her own sex-tape. Myla even went so far as to screen Kim and Ray J’s sex clip in the background while filming her own celebrity porno. There are even a few times throughout the video where you can see the video playing on a TV screen in the background. Whether this is to give her motivation, or to help drive home the idea that she was second to Kim in her rebound relationship with Kris Humphries. Either way, the filming of the video give a similar “amateur like quality” to the home video Kim had leaked.


Since this is a Vivid Entertainment film, you can only access the original version from them directly. Also, in order to prevent video piracy, most Vivid Entertainment tapes are not able to be downloaded, and have to be streamed over the internet for your viewing pleasure.


The video gives the feeling of what you might have expected from a sequel to the Kardashian celebrity sex video. More than likely it was an attempt by Vivid Entertainment to settle for the next best thing since Kim made it clear she was not going to be making more sex-tapes in her future. The jury though is still out as to whether or not Myla will make the same decision. Fans who found Myla and Kris’s relationship interesting, may find this to be their only opportunity to see her in on the adult film screen. But she definitely has a look many find appealing, and although she is a more curvy girl than some porn stars in the industry today, she is definitely easy on the eyes. So take a moment to view the video for yourself, and determine if you were Kris, who would you have rather chosen, Kim or Myla?

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