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Mimi and Nikko Sex Tape Discount

Mimi Faust has appeared in a music video of Pharrell Williams’ Frontin. She later continued on to establish her one cleaning business in the Atlanta, Georgia area. However, she became most well known for her time on the reality TV show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta where she was cast alongside her daughter, Eva’s father Stevie J. Throughout the show there was clearly some things going on between Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez. In 2014, Mimi Faust starred in a celebrity sex tape with boyfriend Londell Smith, also known as Nikko London. The celebrity sex tape was released by Vivid Entertainment, and cleverly titled Scandal in Atlanta, alluding to the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reality show Mimi starred in.

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Mimi and Nikko Sex Tape Review


Nikko London is a TV personality, singer, and music producer. In 2011 Nikko worked with Margeaux on a project called Invaders, and released their Just Landed in the fall of 2011. Nikko also started in the reality TV series Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, with Mimi. Whether they recorded their celebrity sex tape Scandal in Atlanta while together on that show or afterwards is unclear, but they clearly had chemistry on both screens with one another. This celebrity sex tape is different from many others available on the market today. First of all, there are not a lot of Black-on-Black celebrity sex tapes on the market today. There also are very few celebrity sex tapes out there with two well known faces. There were a number of rumors circulating about the celebrity sex tape and how it got “leaked” into the adult entertainment world. Initially, the couple had made claims that the tape was a private video which they had recorded and was discovered after their luggage had been stolen. However, as time went on, the couple admitted the tape had in fact been staged and initially recorded to be released to the public. Since the release of the tape, Scandal in Atlanta has been one of the most viewed celebrity sex tapes released by Vivid Entertainment. In addition, the tape was nominated for an AVN Award, which ended up being won by Tila Tequila’s celebrity sex tape that year.


On the TV show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta the release of the video is also mentioned, and the reactions of Mimi and Nikko’s costars are clearly shocked to see what the couple “leaked” to the public. If their reactions have you curious, now is the time to see this Vivid Entertainment exclusive. Unfortunately, since the video is a Vivid Entertainment exclusive, a site membership is required to view, and the tape cannot be downloaded. However, with your membership you can stream the video directly from the site at any time.


There have been a number of Black celebrity sex tapes made over the years, but most of them ended up being interracial celebrity sex tapes. This is one of the few Black-on-Black celebrity pornos available. For individuals and couples who are interested in celebrity sex tapes, beautiful Black women, Black-on-Black porn, or just want a good quality film, Vivid Entertainment does not leave the viewer disappointed. It has the high quality fans of Vivid Entertainment have come to expect in their videos, and you will definitely be satisfied.

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