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“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Kimberly Noel Kardashian or just Kim has been a popular celebrity ever since her sex tape with Ray J was released. She was known to be one of the kids of the attention-seeking family and is well known for their reality show. Kim is known for being the one who catches all of the attention on and off tape. There are many factors that can give her the popularity that she has now, but the Ray J tape made it big on the gossips and various Hollywood entertainment talk shows and is much credited on how people have known Kim in the entertainment industry.

With the popularity of the tape, many people were interested on how Kim made it possible to gain such exposure not only with the media but also with the public. People went crazy about how they can get a copy of the full length video of the Kim K tape and watch how the famous daughter of the Kardashian’s made it with Ray J. What makes it even popular is that the sex tape was released by Ray J himself. Its release made Kim a gossip favorite and has given her a lot of exposure.

Who Leaked the Kim Kardashian Video?

There are many celebrities who were involved with their own sex tapes and some of these celebrities gained much attention after their videos went viral on the internet. Many people were able to see the full length video and were dying to get their own copies of it. The video was reported to be released by the former boyfriend of Kim, Ray J and even released a song about it, recently. Though it was released years before Kanye West and Kim have been together, it ignited the issue once again as Ray J released the song “I Hit It First”.

Kim started to gain popularity in the entertainment world because of the fact that she and Paris Hilton were friends. Since the family is known to be an attention-catcher, many people believe that Kris Jenner, Kim’s mom, has something to do about the tape being sold to adult companies and to various adult sites. There are many speculations about the release of the tape but one of the people who have the responsibility of the video release is Ray J though many people said it was leaked.

Before the famous “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” reality show, Kim was involved with many business matters with her sisters since they were into fragrances and various clothing lines. Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the family has created various announcements for the family, which made the Kardashions gossip favorites and was always the star of various entertainment issues. Though the announcements were not that justifying for the whole family, Kris was able to put up many issues, which made the family known in the entertainment world.

Before Kim had a relationship with Ray J, she dated Damon Thomas a music producer when she was 19 and divorced in 2003. After the finalization of the divorce, Kim got into a relationship with Ray J and was going steady until the leak of the tape. Aside from the popularity of Kim, the entire family was also introduced to the public as all of them starred on the reality show and opened various business ventures all about fashion.

As the Kim K sex tape was leaked and released by Vivid Entertainment, that Kim sued, many people with great interest with celebrity sex tapes were looking for ways on how they can buy a copy of the video and watch it on their own. The public made it possible for the Kardashians to shine and make their family’s brand into popularity. Many people were pissed off with how the family made issues just to make their brand popular but many are still supporting not only Kim but the entire family, as well.

Though there were many reactions about the infamous tape, the sales of the video are still increasing and are looking for other sex tapes that Kardashian made with her other boyfriends. As the Kim Kardashian sex tape rise to fame, Kim and the entire family gained success, as well. People who have viewed the sex tape are still anticipating for more leaked sex tapes and see how Kim make out with her previous boyfriends.

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