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Farrah Abraham became an overnight celebrity after her appearance on the reality TV shows, Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom. After her time on the show, she released a memoir and a studio album, both of which were titled My Teenage Dream Ended. Farrah also gained notoriety in the porn industry in her first sex-tape, Farrah-Superstar, where she appeared with James Deen. Farrah cannot escape all of the media frenzy. Outside of her time on numerous reality TV series, Farrah has often been the focus of numerous celebrity scandal stories. From being arrested for driving under the influence, to the scandalous leaked porn tape, and a sequel to the tape, it has been hard for her to stay out of the limelight. While she seems to argue the release of the tapes was not intentional, she made $1.5 million off of its sale to Vivid Entertainment. So what is the fascination with Farrah you might ask? Hello, a hot brunette in her early twenties who is smoking hot. Do we really need to say more?

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Farrah Superstar Sex Tape Review


From the very start of the film, Farrah acts as she has been known to on her reality TV appearances. The video, like many pornos, starts with her sitting on a couch. She removes her heels before deciding to change into a matching bra and panty set. Farrah then continues to undo Deen’s pants, although she struggles with the buttons in true style. Once they are unclothed there is some oral exploration and they continue for a little while standing and kissing. For someone looking to do their first sex video, Farrah clearly has no inhibitions about engaging in anal from the very start, after grabbing her lube of course. If Farrah’s talking on Teen Mom drives you crazy, this is not the sex-tape for you. She seems to talk a lot about whether or not she has ever done anal, when was the last time she did anal, blah blah blah. After having anal, Farrah goes to town on Deen’s dick. She clearly has some skills, and no hesitation in doing the job right. If you are a Farrah fan, you cannot get enough of Farrah, and talk during sex is your thing, then this is definitely the tape you have to see.  


Farrah is a little quircky, so she may not be for everyone, but she deffinitely looks hot. There is also the downside of only being able to stream the video and not being able to download it. And of course the issue of needing a membership in order to access the video content, but overall the video is still well worth the viewing.


If your idea of a happy ending is a cum shot to the face, Farrah does not disappoint. She takes the money shot like a champ with a few squirts in the mouth and the rest on her face. She swallows with no trouble, although she might have struggled to see for a minute or two afterwards before she wipes her face on Deen’s pillow. Other than the quirky comments, which are totally Farrah, she knows what she is doing, and looks good doing it. If you are a celebrity porn tape guru, this is one of the celebrity sex clips that are worth seeing at least once.

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