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Farrah 2: Backdoor and More Sex Tape Discount

Farrah Abraham was virtually unknown except in her hometown, but she became a celebrity after she was cast on the reality TV shows, Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Mom. After her time on the show, she released a memoir tittled My Teenage Dream Ended,  and a studio album by the same title. Farrah also gained notoriety in the porn industry in her first sex deal, Farrah Superstar, where she appeared with James Deen. However, she following the release of the sex clip, Farrah made several public comments about how she was coerced into making the tape. A little while longer, her second celebrity sex video clip, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More was released by Vivid.com.

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Farrah 2: Backdoor and More Sex Tape Review


Farrah made numerous appearances on reality TV shows, where she clearly struggled with the idea of being a single teen mom, and she also struggled with her own relationship with her mother. She also was reported to have custody issues with her child, and multiple run ins with the law, including a DUI. There is no denying this young lady likes to be the center of attention and not been able to stay out of the spotlight. Other celebrity gossip surrounding Farrah was the argument that she was coerced into releasing her first sex video clip, yet she had no problem cashing the $1.5 million dollar check she received from Vivid Entertainment for her performance. The same response from the media and Farrah fans was seen when her second celebrity sex  deal was released. From the start of her second celebrity sex deal, it is obvious the first taping of her introduction to the adult entertainment world went so well that Vivid Entertainment was able to get enough footage to make an entirely separate video from the first. Farrah was clearly enjoying the time and effort she was putting into the making of the video, and her skills in giving oral to her partner were very obviously well practiced. She also had no problem engaging in anal play with her co-star James Deen, or spending some time around the stripper pole. This young lady obviously has experience in the bedroom, and knows how to keep a man’s attention.


This tape appears to be a lot of out takes and extra scenes from her first tape, so if you are looking for something different from Farrah you will have to wait and see if she does another film. But the footage is still great quality, and if you did not see the first tape, you probably would not even notice any similarities, like the scenery or her attire. You also have to stream the video, which requires you to have a high quality internet access to view, as well as a membership but those are easy enough issues to address.


The high quality video quality lets the viewer know this tape was done professionally. There is no denying it was a prearranged situation. But the video did not have an awkward scripted feel like many celebrity sex clips have. The lighting used in the video also really enhanced the way Farrah’s body moved in the film, and were perfect for the taping of the footage. In no way was this a sex deal that was accidentally leaked. While Farrah clearly enjoyed her time in front of the camera as a porn star, it still remains to be seen as to whether or not Farrah will actually find herself in the recording studio any time soon to record a new sex tape, but if it was up to her fans, they would be ready for tape number three for sure.

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