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How is your daily routine? Most of you would answer that it is hectic and tiring. The next question is that how do you commute every day? The answer would be by private vehicle or by public transport. These are pretty obvious answers to common questions. But when we talk about the porn entertainment industry, whatever is common is simply outdated or boring. So this particular industry needs something which is out of the box or unique. Now, the traditional porn industry tried everything from movies to magic and romantic to hardcore scenes, but still, there was something which was missing. Yes, the missing part was not including the day to day life fantasies of people. So the next step or an innovation in the porn industry came with reality porn.

So why is reality porn famous these days? The answer is that people visualize themselves in these reality porn movies. For example, having sex with a dentist while on a check up or having sex with a pizza delivery boy is what day to day people fantasize about. Considering the importance of this reality porn, a website known as faketaxi.com came up with its own reality porn videos which are shot in the taxi. This official website is about having sex in the most common and most-used vehicle worldwide, which is known as “taxi”.

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faketaxi.com is a part of the giant Fake Hub Network. Most of you might not be knowing that websites like Fake-Taxi, Fake Agent, etc. are all part of one big giant network known as Fake Hub Network. All these websites are updated regularly and with the best quality of reality porn videos. Fake Hub Network currently operates 8 websites. Being a part of such a huge network, this site definitely has the best quality videos to offer. This quality of unique videos is managed by the expert team of Fake Hub Network. The models who work for this web-site are not just good with physique and bang bang, but they are also good actors. This is because if they aren't good actors, the excitement of reality porn just goes away. So this definitely is a very important thing to be considered.

faketaxi.com has become quite famous among the youngsters and most of the college-going adult crowd knows about this site. You must be thinking that the videos might not be shot well because every action happens in the car. But mind well, these videos are simply awesome. There are camera's at numerous angles within the car and the models shoot themselves as well. Everything is captured on high definition cameras. So this definitely ensures great videos, great angles, and the best satisfaction. While the videos are captured in the car, the feel of hardcore porn is not lost. The models try every possible position and type of sex. From anal sex to a blowjob, everything is captured precisely.

For accessing the home page of Fake-Taxi, just type www.faketaxi.com on your web browser. This will take you to the home page of faketaxi.com. The home page welcomes you with a tempting slider which is updated regularly. This slider rotates images of recently shot videos and special offers for the clients. The video images themselves are really tempting and the high-quality of porn that the site produces could be easily judged. Further scrolling down the homepage, the user will encounter the recently uploaded videos. A small preview of these videos can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the video images. The video image section also includes the name of the video, the date of its release, the total number of views and the total number of likes received. All the models who appear on these videos are above 18 years of age and this could be read at the bottom of the page. The website follows all the rules and regulations which are necessary for producing such videos. This site is quite active on social media websites like Twitter and Tumblr. The next thing which you could do is visit the directory of videos by clicking on the All FakeHub Scenes directory. You will come across a good database of videos which are neatly lined up for you to view. The Girls tab on the menu will take you to the list of models who have appeared on Fake-Taxi. These models are some of the most beautiful women appearing on porn. You can also visit other scenes of any particular model by clicking on their image. Each and every detail which you should know is included in this Girls section.

Another good option if you are a Fake Hub Network fan is the Store. If you love watching Fake Hub Network websites, you could promote or feel happy about purchasing original Fake Hub merchandise. These merchandises are really cool and useful. One could easily purchase these merchandise and with easy payment options.

The only thing that is left on the home page is about logging in or getting registered. The web-site follows discreet billing method which ensures your privacy. The transactions are done on Fake-Taxi are safe and would keep your card details intact.


It is difficult to note down downsides of such good and successful websites. One downside of Fake-Taxi is that it is limited to reality porn. Though, the overall concept is of reality porn itself, but the website only concentrates on it. Some people might want to look for something else than reality porn. Such people will simply divert from the Fake Hub Network.


The website is amazing, entertaining, tempting and a must for porn lovers. The models participating in the videos have given their best to make it as realistic as possible. If you love porn with a little bit of story and real life situations, then the site is definitely the one you could opt for. Subscribe to the trial package and know about the quality videos that Fake-Taxi produces.

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I have seen a lot of their movies on pornhub. They are good but the same subject is boring...

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