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Sex has always been the subject of interest for people. The reason is that sex has always been behind the doors or backstage. Whatever is hidden creates more excitement and interest because everyone is interested in knowing what’s happening behind the doors. To get over this craving for sex and explore this exciting world, film makers started producing porn movies. These movies were initially banned or were either hidden. But this was all just the beginning of a new era in the porn industry. Today, the porn industry is worth billions and is expanding. With such a huge percentage of people watching porn, there is an increasing demand for something new. There was a time when the porn industry was in a stagnant phase. This was because there was nothing new coming up in the porn industry. Only the models changed but the concept remained the same. To overcome this problem, porn movie producers started to produce movies with stories and something interesting. Like location shoot, reality based porn, etc.

One such website which showcases reality porn like no other can is www.fakehub.com. The name itself of the website is Fake-Hub. This means that the videos of this dummy hub are actually meant to show something by wrapping up the video with a realistic story or scenario. Now the scenario could be related to anything from a cop, a doctor, a taxi driver, a casting agent, etc. Introducing such kind of porn is difficult because creating stories and setting up scenarios are not easy. Such videos are now being loved by porn enthusiasts and are especially attracting a lot of youngsters. So let us peep in this real world of fictitious hub.

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Fake-Hub Network is a popular and a huge network in the porn entertainment industry. There are numerous websites under the fictitious hub Network and all of them have proved to be a success till date. Websites like Fake Taxi, Female Agent, etc. are all part of Fake nerve center Network. Most of you might have accessed Fake nerve center Network websites without even knowing that these are all a part of fictitious Hub. The network is now considered to be a mega network. If you love real world scenarios, then you should definitely have a look at the Fake-Hub website. From fakehub.com, you can then divert to the sub website as per your choice.

The home page of fakehub.com  website is simply amazing. The slider which includes latest episodes and offers is very tempting. Whatever is being shown in these sliders is actually what the videos are about. Fake center fans mostly subscribe to monthly or yearly membership plans and enjoy all the videos. These videos are of high quality and about experimenting all new stuff. Under this network, currently, there are 8 websites. These websites are Fake Taxi, Fake nerve center Originals, Fake Cop, Fake Agent, Fake Hospital, Public Agent, Fake Agent (UK) and Female Agent. The benefit of subscribing to Fake-Hub Network plans is that one will be able to access all these 8 websites.

Taking a look at the home page of the website will make you understand what actually this site produces. So there is this particular section of recent videos from all the Fictitious Hub Network websites. The website to which these videos belong is clearly mentioned on the video images. Further, the video images also include the title, number of views and likes received for that particular video. This is how you can determine the popularity of that particular video. All these websites are updated daily with new videos.

The Videos tab in the menu will take you to the video tour page of the website. Here, all the videos that have been produced by the Network are included. There are more than 2500 videos for now. These videos can easily be searched by adjusting the search filters as per your requirement. The next tab in the menu is Sites. Clicking on this tab will take you to the page which introduces you to all the websites which are operated by the Fake-Hub Network. There is also a brief description of every website on this page.

Then next page which can be viewed by clicking on the Girls tab. More than 1250 girls have worked or are working for this Network. The website also offers access to live cams but one needs to log in and choose a membership plan. The next tab is titled as Store which includes original dummy center Network merchandises on sale. These are at nominal rates and anyone could order it online. The last tab in the menu is regarding Search. From here, visitors and users can search whatever they are looking for.


One of the downsides of Fake-Hub Network is the lack of information. The web-site offers live cam services but it could only be known by clicking on the Girls tab in the menu. The second thing which is the downside of this dummy hub Network website is that people who have been watching porn for years could easily determine that these videos are all set up. The scenario is definitely real but the situation that has been created is not at all real. The website works on the theme of reality porn but the videos are all well planned. So this could be a turn off for some people who expect real videos, for example, hidden cams or scandals.


This Network websites are all pretty famous globally. The website offers good quality videos and are updated regularly. Also, the websites are mobile friendly and videos could be streamed online on mobile phones as well. The website also ensures complete privacy and discreet billing. So if you are interested in watching reality based porn with some story and a negotiable situation, then Fake-Hub Network website is the perfect place for you. So stop reading and visit the website now!

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