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Humans have a natural tendency to get bored of usual things. From a luxurious car to a video game, getting in touch with the same stuff frequently would definitely decrease the value of that particular thing in your eyes. You won’t be amazed or excited at the same thing again and again. That is why the first experience is always the most exciting. One definitely deserves the best entertainment or satisfaction time because it is not easy to spare time these days. People are busy with their schedules and have a limited amount of time. So getting quality as per your expectation is always a must.

There is one such website which offers something new and unique to the ordinary bang bang porn stuff. Visit this website by typing fakedrivingschool.com. The website takes care of your driving desires and showcases the best of reality porn. The theme of Fake Driving School is about having fun while teaching or learning to drive.

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Fake Driving School Review


Fake-Driving School basically offers adult entertainment services for nominal charges. The website is unique as it does not follow the traditional porn theme. The website is actually based on reality porn and captures all the action that happens within or around the car. The overall idea of Dummy Driving School is to fake as a driving instructor or learner and then have fun all the way. The moments are captured with camera's within the car and by the model's appearing in the broadcast. The website is famous because it produces something which is far more better than the traditional porn. There is no actual story in this video, the models appearing in the video are also the actual ones but the overall setup of the scene is such that you might not realize whether if it's in being done in real or is a deliberate shoot. So this is one specialty of Fake Driving School which makes it very popular.

The instructors in the broadcast as well as the learners are all models or professionals. But the fun begins with the storyline, a desperate desire to pass the exam or to just have fun, the only thing that you know is that the people appearing in the video will have sex. But how and why will always be a secret till you don't watch the complete video.

The concept is cool enough and having sex in a car is always a fantasy. The movies are in high quality with inclusions like monster cock ejaculations, messy creampie, big tits, anal and more. One just needs to visit the website by typing fakedrivingschool.com. The home page will show the most recent video shoot/scene. Scrolling down the home page, you will notice some of the recent videos uploaded. A video preview is also available for these scenes. The preview can be watched by clicking on the video image (there will be a play button once you hover the mouse over the video image). Scrolling down further, you will be able to see the top rated videos which have been rated organically by the audience. Then onwards, you will notice models who appear in the videos. Mind well, these models are known as "Students" and "Instructors".

On top of the home page, the menu has tabs like videos, models, search, login, etc. Clicking on the videos tab will take you to the page where all the videos are available. These videos have a title, model names, number of views and likes. There are a lot of videos to ensure that you don't get bored watching the same videos again and again.

The models tab will take you to the page where all the models who have been a part of Fake Driving institution. Clicking on any particular model video will take you to an in depth detail of the model. The details include an introduction of the model and the vidoes in which he/she has participated.

The Search tab is pretty simple and you can search whatever you wish to. The tags are already mentioned and one can search these tags. The result will be a list of videos that you were looking for. The last tab in the menu is regarding login. If you are not a member of this website, you can simply sign up. Registration is free but subscribing or viewing any particular video is not free. One needs to buy atleast the most basic or lowest package available. The models who appear on this website and in the videos are all above 18+. This ensures that the videos are shot considering the rules and regulations as well. The website follows discreet billing system and the user won't face any issues in terms of privacy and security.


Though the website is unique with its Fictitious Driving academy theme, most of the people who have been watching porn since years could figure out that the broadcasts are deliberately shot. The scenarios are realistic but everything is a setup. So sometimes, this creates a bad impression on the viewers. The second thing to be noticed about this website is that there are limited number of videos yet. Even the male models participating in the programs are limited and are being repeated. So once again, this might bore the viewers. The search option is pretty much simple but there is nothing more to it.  Also, the theme of the website is only around cars. Now people who fantasize intercourse in car would love to see these videos, but this is not the only fantasy which people have. So offering more categories or scenarios in other places like Driving institution Office could help a lot.


The website is cool, new and the theme is good. The models taking part in the videos are also good looking and promising with whatever they are doing. So if you love watching reality porn, then visiting this website or being a member of this website is a good option!

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