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Bad Girl Club Miami’s Erica  is another celebrity who has recently starred in a sex clip. During her time on the reality TV show, the Bad Girls Club, Erica quickly became known as the girl who was covered in tattoos, who met a guy named Adrian, and loved to spend time in the sack with her boyfriend. At the end of the season, Erica spent some time traveling the country and making celebrity appearances. In between her travels, Erica found time to make a sex video with Adrian which debuted at Exxxotica. The tape was sold to Vivid Entertainment, and is one of the most requested celebrity sex clips today.

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Erica Lynne Sex Tape Review


Unlike other celebrity sex clips, like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, who created a sex-tape that just so happened to “oops leak to the public” Erica was intentional about her endeavor. Erica intentionally created the sex video with her boyfriend, Adrian with the intention of putting out there for the public to see. According to Erica and Adrian, they also created a sex clip with an “anonymous” member of the Bad Girls Club cast, but the other girl was not willing to allow the video to be released to the public. So once they realized there was an opportunity to enter into the adult entertainment world, they decided to offer a tape they had created of just themselves instead. Even though it has been a while since Erica was on the reality TV show, she has maintained a pretty loyal following on facebook and twitter. If you are one of her fans, you have likely already heard about her video, and maybe even watched it already. If you found the chemistry between Erica and Adrian grabbing your attention, and you could not wait to see what they did next, this is the celebrity sex-tape for you. If you were sad to see the Bad Girls Club season come to an end because you were no longer going to be able to see Adrian and Erica roll in the hay, you do not have to wait to see reruns. This full length celebrity porn tape will have you craving more.


As this is a Vivid Entertainment exclusive the only way to access it is to have a membership to the website in order to stream the video. But this seems like such a small issue for such a great video, as well as access to numerous other celebrity porn tapes.


Erica-Lynne fans were devastated to hear she and Adrian are no longer together. Erica has gone so far as to get the heart tattoo with his initial in it covered up. But what is on film cannot be so easily forgotten. There will always be reruns of the Bad Girls Club for Adrian and Erica fans to reminisce over. But for those who do not want to wait for reruns, and want to see the real deal, there will always be the hot celebrity sex video they recorded for all to see for years to come. So if you need a little bit of Adrian and Erica in your life, Vivid Entertainment has you covered!

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