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College life is all about making decisions. No matter how difficult or easy these decisions are, you must take it yourself. That is one of the basic things that college life teaches you. Lots of fun, excitement, friends, and unforgettable moments are what college gives you. One of the most important parts of college life is living in the dorm rooms. People who haven’t lived in dorms would never understand that there is another college back there in the dorms as well. These colleges have no rules and no lessons. The only thing that this dorm college has is “practicals”. But most of us are not a part of this college dorm anymore. So how would we know what happens behind those college dorms? The only way is by visiting the website known as www.daredorm.com. This website is about those people who love watching reality porn videos. These videos are amazing, exciting and kinky. Most of these videos are in the group because college dorms are always occupied by a lot of students.

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Dare-Dorm is a very successful porn entertainment website which has famous globally. People who love watching porn know about this site. Videos from the web-site are searched on porn tubes by typing "Dare Dorm". These videos are the most realistic videos ever. The videos include college students and most of them look like college students. Some of the videos from this site are so famous that they are available on other websites as well. The reason why this site is a success is that the videos are captured in real dorm rooms. The participants in the video appear to be college students playing some games and drinking. Exactly what happens during college parties in real is shown in these videos. This site is one of the best reality porn websites. No other website is as close as reality the way Dare-Dorm is.

This is a website which is handled or a part of the GF Leaks Network. This particular porn entertainment producing company is a big shot. It is well known in the porn industry and many porn stars have worked for this network. GF Leaks Network is also known for in taking a lot of newcomers and youngsters or in simple words, this network has given chance to a lot of aspirants on his famous porn sites like Horny Birds, Crazy College GFs, Crazy Asian GFs, Black GFs or GF Revenge. So GF Leaks Network is quite a reputed and a promising network not only for the clients but also for the people who work for it. Though this website is famous among youngsters, it ensures that no rules and regulations are violated. The first thing which you will come across when you type www.daredorm.com is the age verification page. Once you verify that you are of a legal age to watch porn as per your location, you will be redirected to the home or landing page of the  website. You can verify your age by clicking "Enter" on the age verification page.

The home page of the website is loaded with tonnes of video images. These video images are just an image preview of what is included in these videos. The images itself are such amazing that you could guess how good these videos would be. When you scroll down the page, you will come across index to jump over to the next page. So this gives you the idea of the total number of videos which the website has. There are literally loads and loads of videos. All these videos have something different to show. New models, new dorm rooms, and new emotions. So this is how the first page or the home page is. One can also read the privacy policy, terms, and conditions, etc. about the website. Customer support of this website is also good. Your queries will be handled 24/7 and 7 days/week. Genuine customer support will ensure that each of your queries is solved as soon as possible with maximum transparency.

If you click on the "Videos" tab from the menu, you will be redirected to the videos page. This page shows all the videos that have been produced by the GF Leaks Network. The videos can be searched with filters which are based on tags, girls, etc. So this is again a good way to search for the videos that you are actually looking for. By clicking on the "Girls" tab in the menu, you will end up on the Girls page. Now this page includes all the girls who have participated in some or the other videos. These girls are all above 18 years and are legally allowed to participate in such videos. Another specialty of the web-site is that college going crowd can even submit their videos to the site and earn good amount of money.

Clicking on the "Sites" tab in the menu, it will take you to the sites page. All the websites which are handled by GF Leaks Network are available on this page.


The site does not promote having sex in the college premises, but some people take it negatively. This website basically takes the concept of having sex on college premises or dorm rooms. The website is completely paid and for watching any of the videos, the users need to pay or subscribe. There should at least be some services or videos that can be accessed for free. This is a must! This will help in promoting the website. It is one type of marketing.


This is a very good website for people who love watching reality porn. Till date, this website has been successful in making people believe that these videos are real. This is why these videos are loved by reality porn fans. The website is safe and secure in terms of online transactions. The subscription fees are nominal and trial packs could are not expensive. So why not give this website a try? Just login or register to this website now!

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