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Brittany Jones, was a 21 year old beautiful brunette who created quite the commotion in 2010 over a sex tape she had been in and was being promoted by Vivid Entertainment. But that still does not answer the questions of, so then how did she become so famous? And why is everyone so interested in seeing her sex tape?

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Brittney Jones Sex Tape Review


Brittany Jones has had some significant media coverage in the past couple of years. One of the most recent causes for the media frenzy was for her claims to have been in a sexual relationship with actor Ashton Kutcher. The result was for many media outlets to run with the scandalous story as Ashton Kutcher fans were dying to find out the truth of what went on behind the scenes. Kutcher is a married Hollywood actor, who when he heard about the potential release of the video tape, initially made light of the situation. However, as time progressed and it became apparent that there was in fact a videotape featuring Miss Brittany Jones, who was claiming to have been intimate with Kutcher, and who had recorded an encounter of herself with a “boyfriend” Kutcher decided to take legal action. At which point, Kutcher’s attorney got involved and contacted Vivid Entertainment requesting the company cease-and-desist in using the actor’s name to promote the video. Brittany Jones also had her lawyers involved in negotiations with Vivid Entertainment to come to an agreement over the distribution of the tape. In the end, the tape was in fact released, and alluded to Brittany Jones’ escapades with a former “boyfriend” in the video, which was not directly identified. Brittany’s response to the decision to release the tape was simply, “If Kim Kardashian can, I can too.” To make the scandal even more shocking were rumors from Brittany Jones that she and Ashton Kutcher had “made love” on his living room couch, after having met one another at a local bowling alley. As a result of their rendezvous, Brittany began to entertain the idea that she was in fact pregnant with Ashton Kutcher’s baby. As time passed, it became apparent this was nothing more than rumors, or so it would appear from the lack of a baby bump present. 


Brittany Jones’ celebrity sex tape is only available for streaming with membership access from Vivid Entertainment; however, this membership can be obtained for a reasonable cost and provides additional benefits as well.


While the details of the relationship between Jones and Kutcher may remain mysterious, there is no denying the tape in discussion is starring Brittany in all her glory. If you are interested in seeing this sexy young brunette who once caught his eye, look no further. The young woman who is quoted as saying “Ashton was a great lover” and “it was very special to me” quickly found herself in a position of benefiting from the release of the sex tape. Whether you believe the scandal really did take place between Brittany and Ashton, this video is guaranteed to please. After all, who does not like a young sexy brunette?

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